101 Things in 1001 Days

Started: 22-Aug-11
Ends 19-May-14

1 Get a new job
2 List a house
3 Do Christmas for Cash – no credit cards
4 Pay off Chase Mastercard
5 Pay off Best Buy MC
6 Pay off Blue card AMEX
7 Put a new roof on the house
8 Fix the Truck
9 Go to Lava
10 Take the kids to Disneyland
11 Get paid for a presentation
12 Ride the Carson County Carousel
13 Buy a new laptop or a tablet
Hobby Related
14 Finish Stitching Winter Carousel Horse
15 Finish Summer Carousel Horse
16 Finish Spring Carousel Horse
17 Finish Fall Carousel Horse
18 Paint a canvas to hang in my home
19 Weave the varigated warp project I graphed out in class
20 Finish Fire Dance
21 Finish Fairy Tale Sampler #2
22 Finish my Christmas Quilt (just needs quilting)
23 Design a Christmas ornament
24 Graph out an original design ornament
Learning New Things
25 Take a SQL class
26 Take a drama class
27 Learn to play Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 27 #2 in C# Minor – bought the sheet music
28 Learn VBA Macro Programming
29 Take a pole dancing class
Fitness Related
30 Perform a bellydancing routine in public
31 Climb to the Glacier on Mt Timpanogos
32 Run in a 10K
33 Do the MS 150 bike ride
34 Get my weight down to 135
35 Try 2 months eating using the CORE diet
Reading or Writing
36 Start the 10 years of reading Great Books – Plato Apology and Crito
37 Read Aristophanes – the Clouds, Lysistrata
38 Read Plato’s Republic Book I -II
39 Read Aristotle Ethics – Book 1
40 Read Aristotle Politics Book 1
41 Read Plutarch – The Lives of the Noble Grecius and the Romans
42 Read St. Augustine: The Confessions
43 Read Machiavelli: The Prince
44 Read Rabelais: Gargantua & Pantagruel (book 1-2)
45 Read Montaigne: Selections from The Essays
46 Read Locke Concerning Civil Government – 2nd Essay
47 Read Rousseau: The Social Contract (Book 1-2)
48 Read chapters 15-16 of Gibbon Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
49 Read Adam Smith Wealth of Nations
50 Read Vol I, Part II, Ch 6-8 of Tocqueville Democracy in America
51 Read Manifesto of the Communist Party – Marx-Engles
52 Read Ibsen The Master Builder
53 Read Schrodinger What is Life?
54 Read HR Scorecard
55 Finish reading Am*Bitch*ous
56 Read Political Savvy
57 Read The Five Disfunctions of a Team
58 101 Ways to improve professional presentations
59 Driven – Larry H Miller
60 Writing Effective Use Cases – Alistair Cockburn
61 Read a business book 8 – TBD
62 Read a business book 9 – TBD
63 Read a business book 10 -TBD
64 Read a business book 11 -TBD
65 Read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow
66 Read a business book 13 -TBD
67 Read a business book 14 -TBD
68 Read a business book 15 -TBD
69 Read a biography of Winston Churchill
70 Read a biography Julia Child
71 Read a biography 3 – Steve Jobs
72 Update my blog at least once a month
73 Outline a parenting/homemakers guide
74 Write the first chapter
75 Start Writing my Daily Affirmations
Other Stuff
76 Redesign my website
77 Go Ice Fishing
78 Have a snowshoe Picnic
79 Go to the Crab cooker for dinner
80 Host a Murder Mystery Dinner
81 Finish a Ravensburger puzzle
82 Eat dinner by candlelight
83 Go out dancing
84 Get a Brazilian wax
85 Dance naked in the moonlight
86 Go Geocaching
87 Donate blood
88 Get a press pass
89 Plant a tree in our yard
90 Go camping in the mountains
91 Sleep out and photograph star trails
92 Make Christmas Cookies
93 Cook a meal from the Cruise cookbook
94 Hold a party for our Silver Anniversary Decided not to throw one.
95 Go to a horserace
96 Make Caramel Apples
97 Audition for a performing role
98 Private
99 Private
100 Private
101 Start a new 101 in 1001 days list


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