Subject: Look, I’m not dead!!!!

Are you peeps online? Maybe? It’s the wrong day, but maybe you’re on? Or something?

Right now I’m in Iloilo because we have some sort of Mission Tour thing tomorrow. I’ll go back to Ajuy tomorrow. Living the wild life, man. Estimates put us at no power for a month. So I have no idea how emailing is going to work for the next couple weeks. I think later president will tell us how all that will go down. I’ve heard rumor that tonight they’re going to put us in a nice hotel with a hot shower tonight before the mission conference to make us feel better about living without power for the next month.

For the typhoon No evacuation, we were in Ajuy. I have some limited pictures and video. My camera was almost dead and who knows when I’ll be able to charge its battery again, so I’m being careful with pictures and stuff. And I don’t want to take /too/ many pictures of destruction because I don’t want to look like “some punk cano taking pictures while all the people are suffering” y’know? but yeah, I showered in Yolanda. So…. I bathed in the falling rain of the strongest typhoon of recorded history. And not just a quick soap, I’m talking Soap, Shampoo, /and/ Conditioner. It was pretty early on in the storm, but it was far enough in that our fence was gone and the tree in our front yard had split in half and fallen down. So, yeah… Basically I’m amazing. The shower was pretty chilly though.

Actually, our house is in fantastic shape. One small corner of our roof bent up. That’s it. All the houses next to us were hit /way/ worse than we were. Basically all of our members here lost their houses. One month of no power…. Those are basically my statistics from here. I think the biggest reason Ajuy isn’t a /total/ disaster area is that, fundamentally, Ajuy is still a pretty small place. There’s just not enough people there for there to be huge fields of rubble.

76 hours after Yolanda started the APs showed up at our apartment and realized we weren’t dead. Like, during that time we’d been out working and helping people but there was no cell signal and transportation was still crazy, so we were basically just helping out the members in Ajuy and assuming that someone would come to check on us or that we’d just go to District Meeting on Tuesday. Don’t have the yellow vests yet, just working in dirty T-shirts. So yeah, basically, when that email from Uncle David was sent saying all missionaries were okay and accounted for, my entire District was still off the grid. Maybe our Mission President just guessed we were okay and reported that? Or got special revelation telling him not to worry about it? =P I’m glad it comforted you all and such.

The biggest casualty of my personal property is the fact that I had a lot of laundry in Estancia at a little laundromat and I have /no/ idea if I’ll ever get that back. It was mostly P-day clothes, so don’t worry about it too much or anything. Oh, but I freaking need some new socks. Send me those Gold-Toes, please? I should be able to buy new P-day stuff. I was actually going to ask if I can pull some cash out ($300-400) as soon as there’s a working ATM. For now I think I have enough withdrawn that I should be okay. Don’t worry about sending me t-shirts or anything.

And I haven’t seen Estancia, yet but we guessed Estancia would be really bad. They have stronger buildings than us, a lot more concrete than is anywhere in Ajuy, but they’re also closer to the coast. I mean, Ajuy is way close, but the Estancia Banwa can spit into the ocean. And I /might/ still have that laundry. I have no idea. We’re going to ask the Estancia Elders when we see them. If we’re lucky, Elder Gardiner picked ours up when he picked his up, and it’s just sitting in their apartment. Which is probably fine, because they have a /really/ nice apartment on pretty high ground.

Water, yesterday our running water came back on, but for a shorter period than usual and much less pressure. And then nothing this morning. But it’s a work in progress. As far as drinkable water… well, we found a place to get some that swears up and down the water is clean, but we’re thinking bleach, purifiers, and boiling are probably necessary measures. I imagine there will be some disease and stuff, because the flood waters are /not/ clean. At all.

Sunday I was helping a guy rip nails out of wood so he could reuse the wood and nails to build again, and I couldn’t help but think “Man, feels like I’m back at the houses again.” All that construction I did with Dad is coming in useful.

Well, out of time. Love you all! Bye!