Actually I am online this week. Turns out President thinks this emailing home thing is really important, so he’s instructed us to come down to Iloilo every Monday to do it. Most of this week was just going around delivering relief goods and helping people work on rebuilding their lives. Very enjoyable, very satisfying, but not something I can really rant about for a long time… Things are actually rebuilding in Ajuy really fast. Many of the people here really know how to hit the ground running it seems. Power is still going to be out for quite some time, but much of the running water is back on and many people already have /relatively/ nice shanty homes they’ve built to live in until they can really build their new ones again. I’m actually really impressed by most of the people I’ve seen.

Cooking without power is easy, given that we have a gas stove powered via propane tank. Still no on the laundry, but we asked the Estancia Elders to see if they could try. We’ve been giving relief goods from the Church to members. We try to leave a message with everyone after doing some service for them. And many people appreciate the excuse for a 10 minute break from working after the missionaries have been helping them. We dug out 2 Ne 2, Helaman 5:12, and 3 Ne 13 for a lot of our lessons just after the Typhoon. Lots of stuff in there about withstanding storms and enduring trials to have happiness and stuff.

So yes. That was my week.

And yeah, I’d hold off on mailing for a while yet, because while I’m sure the postal system can get it to Iloilo alright, imagine how much worse the mail looting is right now compared to how it used to be… We haven’t had a problem yet, but right now seems like a dangerous time. People are a bit more desperate than usual.

Mom: So we hear that many sisters have been evacuated. Did they evacuate sisters from Iloilo?

Not that I’ve heard. The south half of the mission wasn’t hit bad at all. There are a few areas that missionaries have been pulled out of, but nobody has been evacuated out of the mission. Actually, a /lot/ of Tacloban missionaries have been relocated to Manilla until they can fix up the area a bit more, and then they’ll be sent back to Tacloban.

Dad: Anything else you need like a multi-tool (leather man)? Or will still need in a month? Water purification? Other camping stuff?

We’re okay on water purification. A leather man could come in handy though. Nothing else I can really think of right now. Usually when we help someone they have enough tools for us to contribute. Right now we’ve hit an awkward lull where many have little temporary homes they need, but don’t have money for the supplies to build their ‘new’ home yet. So until they get supplies there’s not much we can do for many of them…

Mom: So, losing your laundry? Do you need any white shirts or ties? Any other clothes you need from stateside?

I have 3 socks. Not three pairs, three. But it’s okay, I’ll buy a couple of pairs of crappy ones to last until the gold toes can arrive. I’ll leave it up to you guys. If you just wait a month before mailing it or whatever I’ll still be fine. Do what feels right. *shrugs* Shirts, I lost a couple, but I’ve had a couple sitting in my luggage unused because I had this grand idea to go halfway through my mission before digging them out so I could have some fresh ones, so I’m still good. And I’ll gladly accept more ties but I do have plenty. Oh! I can’t remember if I told you to thank Grandma for the soups and stuff she sent, but they were very appreciated. You should tell her that. Foreign food is nice.

Dad says if he starts sending socks he will number them. So Monday is the Grant reunion- any message for the family?

I’m actually probably going to go here in just a sec … Love you all!