When the universe wants to tell you something, it gives you the same message from multiple sources.  So when I have someone flat out ask me “What is your brand?”, followed by the epiphany that my daily journal talks about things at work that don’t even matter to me let alone my posterity, and then have a funeral where the main theme is “He always wanted to be remembered for his giving nature and lived so that is what people would remember.”  It gets me thinking there is a message for me here.

One of the first exercises I was taught in my coaching training is to visualize the perfect day.  This is followed by one where you are in your old age and are passing wisdom to your descendants – what do you want them to remember about you? What lessons do you want to teach them? What mistakes do you want them to avoid?

I think the universe is asking me to step out of my comfort zone and ask those questions again, look at the answers, and align myself with them.  In the words of another message from this last weekend – I’m dancing the steps I’ve memorized but I’m not sure what music is playing and if I’m in time with it.   It’s time to stop moving and listen for the music.